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Friday, March 06, 2020 3:15:00 PM

The Career Development Associate will be part of the team for the Career Strategies Program in the Computer Science Career Center. This critical program trains international MSCS students how to job search and interview in the U.S. job market.


Initial Duties:

  • Lead group breakout practice sessions for the three-week Career Strategies workshops (eleven per year, three weeks long).
  • Provide one on one coaching support to students in their job search in person and remotely.
  • Guide them through all the components and issues necessary for a successful job search.
  • Give creative input for ongoing development of course materials.
  • Perform necessary job-related administrative duties.

Full Coaching Duties:

  • Interface with recruiters and hiring managers to support students’ hires.
  • Give references for students to recruiters and companies.
  • Make presentations to the class/workshop (average 30 to 50 students) and Career Strategies classes (100 students) in Dalby Hall on professional job search topics.
  • Special projects such as resume coordination, employer outreach, workshop preparation, and others as appropriate.

Performance areas:

  • Teamwork – Works in collaboration with others; supports the work and goals of others; exhibits objectivity and openness to others’ views; gives credit to others when appropriate; accepts criticism and feedback; shows loyalty to those not present by avoiding backbiting and gossip.
  • Achieves Results – Achieves needed results; takes initiative and responsibility; seeks solutions to operational problems; listens and communicates adequately and effectively; keeps others informed; completes job responsibilities in a timely manner.
  • Personal Organization – Plans and organizes work; demonstrates dependability and good attendance; adapts to changes in the work environment; makes decisions and demonstrates good judgment; handles multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • Knowledge/Learning – Demonstrates and develops job knowledge and skills; demonstrates creativity/innovation in work; increases understanding of how his/her work relates within the department and organization.
  • Vision of the whole – proactively anticipates the needs of the individual as well as the group.

Requirements & Education:

  • Bachelor’s degree. 
  • Excellent communication and organizing skills required. 
  • Must be fluent with Word, Excel, and using Internet as a resource. 
  • Coaching or teaching experience preferred but will train.


  • $16.50 DOQ

Temp Associates is an equal opportunity employer

If you have already applied and completed the interview process, please call us at 641-472-2025 and let us know of your interest in this position. There is no need to complete a new application.