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Thursday, February 20, 2020 10:41:00 AM

Seeking a Quality Assurance Candidate for a local company.

• Knowing where to find work instructions for scope of work.
• Knowing where to find customer specification and paint acceptance criteria’s per customer.
• Basic understanding of parts.
• Basic understanding the load schedule.
• Basic knowledge of handling the radio and being able to call out for racks when necessary.
• Basic understanding of paint defects
• Able to add defects to Touchscreen with minimal help
• Basic understanding of DT
• Basic addition, attention to detail, able to follow directions, and basic computer knowledge
Junior Inspector
• Ability to inspect all parts with minimal error.
• Understanding of material and probable defects that occur with that material.
• Ability to read and understand the paint schedule.
• Knowledge of what transition racks are used depending on which part.
• Basic knowledge of program specific forms that need to be filled out.
• Basic understanding of DT sheet and complete
• Adjustment of line speed according to what is called on the radio
• Ability to find parts and add defects to Touchscreen
• EOD data entry and paperwork with assistance
• Assist with cart jams on line
Senior Inspector
• Complete understanding of the work instructions and special process’s that may need done for acceptable part after paint.
• Ability to adjust paint schedule if necessary.
• Ability to train new hires on all aspects of the job.
• Be able to complete all paperwork related to their department without assistance.
• Complete all skills listed above without assistance.
• Ability to set up breaks for their department depending on schedule difficulty.
• Ability to communicate defects with management and customers if necessary.
• Ability to enter the daily numbers into the online production report and fill out all documentation properly and without assistance
• Communicate defects with painters in a timely manner to prevent all day occurrence. Understanding of company goals and objectives and the drive to exceed them.
• Ability to work with management to create work instructions for new programs.
• Able to verify color (if score is 100 or under)
• General wash/lab procedure
• General plant operations ie. Tow line, controls panels, etc.

• HS Diploma or GED preferred but not required
• Experience in a similar setting preferred

• Day shift, 7a-4p Monday - Friday

• Starting pay $12/hr.

• Pre-employment Drug Screening

If you have already applied, please call us at (563) 242-1078. If you are new to Temp Associates, click on the Apply Now button below.