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Director - Online and Continuing Education 

Wednesday, January 19, 2022 9:56:00 AM

Position Description:

The director position oversees the daily operations of the department and cross-functional collaboration projects with other areas in and beyond the institution in the area of online teaching and learning. This position works closely with the executives and academic leaders on the strategic expansion plan of the university in the field of online learning, advice on subjects, projects, and programs in relation to online learning, including but not limited to course design and development workflow, educational software, teaching and learning solutions, and etc. This position also serves on some university committees.



·         Oversees and manage the day to day operations of the department.

·         Responsible for hiring, performance reviews, discipline and/or termination of staff with the help of team managers.

·         Review salary standards and raise needs or requests with HR for positions in the department, and maintain an updated career path and salary range for each position.

·         Annual budget and strategic planning against the goal and growing needs from all aspects of the institution.

·         Work with individuals and teams to review the expenditures and purchasing needs of the department, including but not limited to hardware, software, equipment.

·         Oversees the software procurement process, conduct analytical reviews with team and related stakeholders and make final decision or recommendations.

·         Approve staff and adjunct faculty payroll for services and courses conducted through the department.

·         Regularly review the instructional design standards, course development and delivery procedures, quality standards against the needs of each program.

·         Work on training and development plans for each team and functional area in the department to enhance workforce professionalism and career development.

·         Collaborate with IT and other stakeholders on educational software and platform review, research, analysis, assessment and shift.

·         Coordinate cross-department projects with other units of the university, including large platform and software implementation.

·         Collaborate with DOF and Academic Deans on faculty training, development and onboarding courses for online teaching and learning methodologies.

·         Work with academic department leaders on program planning consultation and resource planning.

·         Work with other departments on conflict resolution and mediation among staff and faculty.

·         Collaborate with the Provost on annual NC-SARA reporting and exempt registration, payment, and Iowa College Aid registration every two years.

·         Oversees the online course design and delivery standards to ensure the compliance with the USDE and HLC regulations.

·         Work with the ADA Compliance Coordinator and Student life to ensure ADA accommodations and compliance, as well as related services for the online students.

·         Work with the CE Director and other leaders in and beyond the institution on the CE program and course offerings, explore new platform and methods on the noncredit course registration, management and delivery.

·         Conduct other management duties, such as performance management and university policy deployment.

·         Work with the executives on new online expansion opportunities.


Desired Qualifications:

·         Master’s degree in Education, Instructional Design, Management or related field.

·         10+ years of work experience in online education in higher ed, with experiences of development and delivery both synchronous and asynchronous online courses and programs. Teaching experiences in synchronous and asynchronous online programs are preferred.

·         7+ years of experience in program management and project management in cross-department and cross-functional scope.

·         Experienced in project management, risk management. Knowledge in Agile and Change Management are plus.

·         Understanding of the compliance and regulations from USDE, accreditation authorities, C-RAC, NC-SARA and other compliance regulators.

·         Excellent organization skills, and able to multitask on complicated projects.

·         Strong technology and computer skills, with good practical knowledge and understanding of LMS(Canvas and Sakai), multimedia creation software, and other educational technologies and tools.

·         Self-disciplined in work quality and continuous improvement. Able to keep up with evolving educational technology and methodologies.

·         Good communication and people skills, and able to perform effectively in person or via email, phone and online conferences.

·         Experiences working with executives and leadership on large scale strategic planning and implementation.

·         Professional etiquette, empathy, patience and attention to details.

·         Diplomacy and public speaking skills, able to establishing and maintaining collaborative working relationships with all segments of the University.

·         A good leadership to manage, inspire and motivate others.

Ability to work independently and as part of a team.


Contact options are:  Email Chelsey at or Melissa at Call our office 641-472-2025. You may also apply now by clicking the button below. 

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