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Wednesday, September 20, 2023 8:28:00 AM


The Cook/Food Service Worker prepares meals for the residents and guests and maintains a clean work environment.


  • Prepares breakfast, lunch and dinner meals for residents.  Follows standardized procedures and recipes as necessary.
  • Prepares lists of food and other supplies needed.
  • Cleans work area, including appliances, and assigned areas after each meal.
  • Provides supervision to other employees as required.
  • Prepares and/or supervises preparation of baked goods, salads and other cold foods.
  • Assists with special events such as retreats, receptions, etc.
  • Performs other related functions as assigned.
  • Assists in putting food on the serving table.
  • Assists residents with food trays as needed.
  • Washes utensils and dishes; operates dishwasher.


  • Previous cooking experience preferred.
  • Ability to plan, change and execute plans as needed.
  • Ability to determine portions and size of servings.
  • Ability to modify recipes to fit the number of residents.
  • Ability to give, receive and follow directions.
  • Ability to work alone and/or with others
  • Ability to see what is needed and a willingness to do it.
  • Ability to be flexible.
  • Ability to use standard appliances and equipment.
  • Must be attentive to details.
  • walking and standing is required.  Frequent bending, kneeling and squatting is also required.
  • Ability to stand for up to eight hours a day.
  • Ability to make independent decisions when circumstances warrant such actions.
  • Ability to cope with the mental and emotional stress of the position.
  • Must be able to approach people in a manner which creates harmony, promotes cooperation and encourages feeling of acceptance and self-worth.
  • Ability to deal with residents and staff by using the skills of active nonviolence.
  • Ability to make assessment of food and equipment based on smell.
  • Ability to read small print in directions and on labels and thermometers.
  • Ability to remember multiple verbal and written instructions given at beginning of period extending over long periods of time.
  • Good hand/eye coordination in use of appliances.
  • Ability to lift, push, pull objects weighing up to 50 pounds.


  • Approx. 21hrs per week including every other weekend  


  • $16.17hr.

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