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Wednesday, November 17, 2021 9:17:00 PM
Job Objective
Maintain daily operations quality procedures, records and lab functions.  Improve employee communication, knowledge and training on the production floor.  Report to supervisor(s) on quality concerns or inefficient procedures.  Assist in other daily production positions as required by management.
Job Skills
" Minimum one year of experience and training within Quality Assurance. -Optional
" Knowledge of quality procedures, terminology, guidelines and objectives. -Train
" Ability to maintain quality records. -High
" Strong computer skills (develop databases and spreadsheets) -Hi or Med.
" Follow instructions and communicate objectives to co-workers. -High
Job Duties
" Daily quality check for wash system.
" Running daily data paq.
" Record internal rejects, daily lab checks, daily logbook and maintenance schedules as required.
" Monitor and repair testing equipment and maintain inventory of lab supplies.
" Daily painted part testing
" Record and verify paint certifications and other documents for the paint department.
" Work with shipping of in-bound and out-bound parts to meet customer specifications.
" Assist shipping department with special packaging and inspections - such as test parts and service requirements.
" Assist as needed in sampling new parts and documenting the paint processes.
" Assist inspecting and determining root-cause for company rejects, defects or product returns
" Coordinate and document quality concerns to make both shifts aware of present issues.
" Assist QA line and other supervisors as required.
" Work with new and current employees (load, QA, buff, sand and shipping) to maintain high quality levels. -Low, starting out & phase in.
" Advise employees and supervisors when quality levels are not being maintained or procedures that are not followed. -Low, until trained.
" Assist with packaging and inventory of raw or finished product part for service or production. -Med.
Location: Dewitt, Iowa 
Wage : $ 15.00
Hours : 7A-3P