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Monday, November 02, 2020 3:38:00 PM

The Machinery Lubrication Technician will be responsible for executing lubrication tasks related to industrial machinery including but not limited to:
• Re-grease electric motors
• Re-grease bearings
• Visual machine inspections
• Breather changes
• Oil changes
• Oil & Grease sample collection
• Perform minor equipment modifications
• Identify areas for improvement with respect to machinery lubrication & contamination control

The Machine Lubrication Technician Level I position requires the following skills and abilities:
• Strong oral and written communication skills and good team building skills.
• Goal oriented, detail oriented, and interested in advancement and professional growth.
• Capability to work in an unsupervised position effectively.
• Ability to read and interpret technical documents, such as:
   o OEM Maintenance plans
   o Blue prints
   o Advanced Lubrication Technology instruction and recommendations
   o Software system instructions.
• Ability to perform basic mathematical functions (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percentages) for the purpose of interpreting alarms, calculating lubricant inventory and calculating re-lubrication quantity considerations, etc…
• Willingness to quickly learn fundamental lubrication concepts and application of these concepts (such as Viscosity, NLGI #’s, V.I., AW, EP, R&O, ISO Cleanliness Codes, Beta Filter Rating, etc.).
• Have a strong fundamental understanding of mechanical, hydraulic and circulating systems operation, and contamination control and maintenance functions.
• Should be qualified to operate lifting equipment (Fork Truck, Skip Hoist, Etc.)
• Should be qualified to perform lockout-tag out procedures.
• Must have demonstrated initiative and strong work habits.

• 1ST  M-F 7a-3:30p

• Clinton, IA

• $15.25/hr.

If you have already applied, please call us at (563) 242-1078. If you are new to Temp Associates, click the Apply Now button below.